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Maritime Engineering
& Sustainable Design

Meet the world's first 3D printable yacht 
made from reusable plastics 
and fully customizable.
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  • More about Tanaruz

RAW Idea stands for our innovative yacht design solutions. 
In our practice, we continuously develop forward-thinking technologies and software possibilities. Our core identity 
lies in the preservation of the environment through the 
recycled material for yacht production. We take pride in our engineering approach to create the closed-cycle economy 
of plastic recycling - allowing our clients to shred the yacht 
and use the material to reprint it to a new design. Through 
the use of 3D printing technologies, integration of advanced software and augmented reality (AR) in the design process, creating an unprecedented level of yacht customization. 

RAW Idea’s mission is to introduce the yacht designs that 
shift 21st-century technology forward, through the 
introduction of the new fields of engineering knowledge 
and daring visions. 

Our goal is to provide everyone 
with means to a sustainable 
lifestyle. We continue to develop
innovative solutions to reduce
production time and cost, but 
do not compromise the 
quality of our products.


RAW Idea is committed to make 
our products as green as possible. 
By using recycled materials and 
circular economy model; keeping 
balance in consumption and 
reducing environmental impact 
from plastic waste. 


It is important for us to involve 
your idea in the creative process. 
With cutting-edge technologies 
such as 3D printing, specially 
developed softwares and 
augmented reality, we were able 
to create a dedicated virtual 
space where our clients can 
experiment with their own 
customized yacht design.


We pride ourselves on combining technology with unique design. 
With our very own team of 
engineers, we were able to come 
up with an innovative approach for reusable plastic and personalize design software, 
resulting in reduced delivery time 
and final cost - and cleaner, greener products.

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